Grateful beyond words

The Cambria Sessions is a representation of a beautiful chapter in our musical journey.  We have had the great privilege to work with such incredible musicians and artists along the way.  We would like to thank Shawn Strider, Jean Renard, Eric Hart, David Mack, Christopher Jon, kaRIN, Statik, Nathan Trowbridge, Juliet Jones, Clinton Kyles, Sheena Leigh, Kasmira Buchanan, Cynthia Marie, Jen Giragos, all of Sypher Arts Studio, Joey Rassool, Eric Sherman, Joseph Corsentino, Rachel Lee, Joe Berry, Jordan Roepke, and Eru Matsumoto for their incredible work and collaboration that has made our project possible.  We would like to express deep gratitude to our family, friends, and supporters for all the love and support.  Ya'll truly are the power behind everything we do. 


Alice Underground is: 
Gordon Bash
Tash Cox
Steve Kefalas
Scott Landes
Sasha Travis

Saxophone - Joe Berry
Cello - Eru Matsumoto
Additional guitar - Jordan Roepke

Produced by Alice Underground
Mixed and Engineered by Gordon Bash and Scott Landes
Superman mixed by Eric Hart at Glaus Haus Studios Los Angeles
Mastering by Eric Hart at Glaus Haus Studios Los Angeles
Willow by the Sea and Hard to Resist written by Alice Underground
Catch Me Before Midnight, Superman, Hollywood Hills, LA is Burning, 7 Block Blues written by Alice Underground and Shawn Strider

Album artwork by David Mack
Website imagery provided by Juliet Jones, photography by Nathan Trowbridge
Additional photography by Jean Renard
Website design, coding and layout by Scott Landes


All songs copyright 2016 The Alice Project